Verspieren International is your gateway to the rest of the world

“Defending your interests around the globe is our priority. We act with the same rigorous standards as we do in France, drawing on the Verspieren International network, our network of subsidiaries and partners abroad.”

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By your side in 135 countries

To provide you with a quality service wherever you are, we draw on our team of 85 employees in France, our European companies Verspieren Italy, Alkora in Spain, Mediator in Portugal and Optimum in Switzerland, as well as on our 85 partners, all leaders in their markets, who have been meticulously selected from around the world.

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Supporting you wherever you are to the same high standards

Our network of partners around the world

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Vega: give your risk managers the bigger picture

Vega is an extranet website that gives your risk managers visibility across all policies and accidents abroad at any given moment, wherever they are in the world. Our website displays data by country, subsidiary and branch of insurance, and is regularly updated by our network and monitored by us.

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