The Verspieren Group continues its own digital revolution with Verspieren Smart Up, a company that aims to provide support, particularly financial, to insurtech start-ups and innovative young companies.


2007 was a milestone year for the Verspieren Group as leadership of the group passed into the hands of the fifth generation of the family: Pierre-Anthony and Maxence Verspieren, the sons of Pierre-Dominique Verspieren, took over management of the group.

The Group’s expansion plans continued. New businesses joined the family of companies: DIF, the Branchet firm, Collecteam, ACE and Assurances & Conseils added to the Verspieren Group’s portfolio of skills in leading sectors such as the medical, transport and construction industries.

The Group began expanding globally with the founding of the Verspieren International network in 2012, which aims to support our clients and better serve them in their international development plans and projects. Partnerships were formed with German broker Funk Gruppe and American broker Arthur J. Gallagher. Verspieren Italy opened its doors in Milan and Swiss broker Optimum also joined the Group.


Verspieren turned 100 in 1980! After a century of development in France, the company was at the dawn of a new era of significant development. Pierre-Dominique and Charles-Henri Verspieren were tasked with overseeing this growth.

They founded several companies to diversify the group’s brokerage activities: Verspieren Credit Management, specialising in insurance/credit brokerage, reinsurance broker Verspieren Global Markets, Platus, an insurance broker specialising in political risk, and Cirano, especially for the automotive industry.

In parallel to this, they launched an extremely ambitious external growth strategy. Solly Azar, Labalette, Montmirail and Assurances Deleplanque, as well as SLA, the SAAM Verspieren Group and IPAC 64 joined the Verspieren Group.

Finally, they looked to Europe and the wider world and opened offices abroad. Between 1998 and 2000, Mediator, Alkora and Asseurop in Portugal, Spain and Belgium respectively were tasked with supporting the Group’s clients in Europe. In 1999, Verspieren took part in founding Assurex Global, the leading international network for independent brokers.

The Verspieren Group was born. It immediately ranked amidst France’s top five brokers.


In the early 20th century, Pierre Verspieren, son of Alfred, joined the company. In order to adapt to the new economic landscape of the twenties (the rise of industrialisation), the directors turned to brokerage and founded Lloyd Continental.

As the company turned fifty the third generation of the family was preparing to take over: Pierre and Charles Verspieren.

In the sixties, the textile industry was hit by the financial crisis. Market changes needed adapting to, and once again, creativity and responsiveness were required. Pierre-Dominique, son of Pierre, and Charles-Henri, son of Charles, were responsible for restructuring the company. They are the fourth generation of the Verspieren family.

In the seventies, Verspieren opened its first Paris office.


Everything began in Roubaix in 1880. The textile industry here was flourishing. The spinning mills were working at full capacity, but poor health and safety conditions resulted in devastating fires. Alfred Verspieren decided to turn his attentions to insurance, a market he believed had huge potential. He was to become the insurer for some of the textile industry’s biggest names. Thanks to the fire insurance he provided, his company met with incredible success.