The strength of a family-run group

As a family-run group, we have all the tools we need to plan long-term development. This lends us a significant advantage, as it means we keep complete, independent control over our investments. Today, our growth strategy is driven by an ambition to bring together all specialised fields in insurance brokerage, thus keeping control over each and every component.
Our organisation’s agility allows us to take decisions quickly and implement solutions to support you in the long term.

We are entrepreneurs working for entrepreneurs


The strength of our entrepreneurial model

“The Verspieren Group is based on a unique model: that of a family of companies that allows its members freedom to take action and the ability to support all of our clients through their national and international development plans. We foster entrepreneurial spirit that enables our family to grow and share our experiences and value created while supporting all clients in their plans. We aim to promote all areas of insurance brokerage specialisation, boosting awareness of our profession, our expertise and our values throughout the insurance industry. Our collective energy combined with the Group’s financial stability allow us to obtain the very best insurance solutions at the very best prices. This in turn allows us to continue working for our clients’ interests.”


France's 3rd leading brokerage group
€380m in turnover in 2018
2200 employees in the group including 123 abroad
25% private
75% companies
22 companies in the group
1 Verspieren
global network

We help you take action

As France’s third leading insurance brokerage group, we are in a strong negotiating position to help you get the fairest rates with insurers. In the event of an accident, we tirelessly defend your case to ensure you receive the very best compensation. By drawing on the financial leverage of our family of companies, you’ll be helping ensure the success of your projects and plans.

Measuring up to insurers
Joining the Verspieren Group’s family of brokers

Join our family of companies

To be a part of the Verspieren Group is to share our values and beliefs:

  • Drawing on the collective strength and financial leverage of the Group to boost clients’ success;
  • Increasing opportunities for collaboration and making use of other members of the Group’s know-how and expertise to find effective, innovative solutions for our clients at the very best price;
  • Committing to promoting all the diversity inherent to the insurance brokerage trade and working to improve the industry and employees’ professional development;
  • Managing your company independently.