DIF is a brokerage firm specialising in transport. DIF is the market’s only wholesale broker to offer insurance plans for public goods and passenger transport fleets via a network of 1,200 general agents and brokers.

Its main area of business lies in selling insurance to vehicle fleets operating in the following sectors:

  • public goods transport
  • public passenger transport
  • own account transport
  • short rental vehicles
  • assistance

DIF Assurances joined the Verspieren Group in 2007.


“Continuously inventing new insurance solutions for your clients: that’s what being a wholesale broker is all about!”

Executive Director

Contact DIF Assurances

Jean-François Sénéchal
610, rue du Grand Gigognan - Forum de Courtine, 84000 Avignon FRANCE
Phone: +33 (0)4 32 76 05 51