As a specialist in the field of complementary social security protection, COLLECteam sets up and manages complementary social security plans for private companies and regional authorities..

It works to boost your social security policy while consolidating your complementary social security plans.

For private companies: complementary social security plans are part of a complex, ever-changing legal landscape made all the more complicated by the recent emergence of multiple, often contradictory, texts. Set against this social and financial backdrop, COLLECteam helps you through the entire process of setting up retirement and healthcare plans.

For regional authorities: the decree dated 8 November 2011 grants regional government civil servants financial aid paid by their employer to cover retirement and healthcare costs, a decision that has revolutionised the regional civil service context. Having worked in the public sector for close to 20 years, COLLECteam naturally began specialising in contribution agreements that result in setting up collective retirement and healthcare plans.

Collecteam joined the Verspieren Group in 2011.


“We act as a compass pointing out the way for companies attempting to navigate an increasingly complex legal context”

Managing Director

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