Brisset Partenaires is an insurance audit firm specialising in three areas:

  • Audit: its experts help you optimise your insurance plan and make savings. They can carry out an extensive audit of the risks faced by your company, as well as an audit of your insurance plans, to see if they’re as effective and adapted as they could be. Following on from this, they can organise private or public calls for tenders on your behalf.
  • Guidance: Brisset Partenaires lends you its expertise in 3 key stages: ahead of time, helping you make the right decisions; after an accident, to help you receive the best compensation; and throughout your contract, to continuously check you’re receiving the right services for you as your business develops.
  • Training: the company offers customised insurance training in an array of areas to help your employees get up to scratch when negotiating with insurers. You choose the topic, participants and pace of the training – we take care of the rest.


“We’re here to ensure our clients’ interests are protected to the maximum”

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